Untold Stories

A Browns Spring Training Favorite

Browns camp was once host to as many as four clubs. From an article written by Dick Farrington in 1942. “The expected convergence of the Browns and Pirates from California on Hot Springs, Arkansas, as a training site, will find them treading ground where many of the great players of the past flashed their spikes.” […]

Major League Letters To The Spa City

During the years that baseball’s spring training was held in Hot Springs there was much correspondence between the teams that trained here and Stephen E. Dillon, the General Manager of the Hot Springs Utilities Company that owned the baseball practice fields. The following letters include correspondence to Mr. Dillon from several of those teams. View […]

The Day That Changed Baseball Forever

It was in Hot Springs, Arkansas on March 17, 1918 that the legendary Babe Ruth altered the course of baseball history. As far back as 1886, the Chicago White Stockings (later known as the Cubs) came to Hot Springs for spring training. Those were the old days before Florida and Arizona, with even warmer temperatures, […]

When Baseball Sprang For Hot Springs

Nearly a century ago the springtime mecca for many major league players was a spa in Arkansas. Some players evidently found this schedule a little too strenuous and took the streetcar instead of the “lively run” from the ballpark back to the hotel. Tebeau subsequently instructed the streetcar conductors not to give rides to players […]

Leo the Lip Lights Up The Belvedere Club

Future Hall of Famer Leo “The Lip” Durocher came to Hot Springs as the new manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers in February of 1939 when he brought the team’s pitchers and catchers to town to get them in shape for the upcoming season. The team arrived in town on a Friday and Saturday found them […]